artemis lin (poetry) is a queer poet, writer, and filmmaker currently residing in LA. Their work explores their Chinese-American upbringing, and the intersection between mental illness, trauma, dreams, memory, and family history. Follow them on Twitter: @instructionally

Christee Henry (poetry) is a trans poet and sci-fi writer based in Athens, Georgia. Her work focuses on gender, capitalism, and sexuality. She is the author of Heatstroke, a micro-chapbook published by Ghost City Press. Follow her on Instagram: @christee.darling

Hilary (nonfiction) studied robot Jesus in divinity school until she thought better of academic life. Now, she traverses the heart of corporate darkness in Silicon Valley. She happily maintains no social media presence.

Marisol (fiction) is a 27-year-old writer and artist living in Philadelphia. She loves body horror and sadness and big mean psychic machines. Penpen is the #1 best Evangelion character, this is a non-negotiable position. Follow her on Twitter: @sugartweeze

Mist (fiction) is an LA-based cryptid who loves dogs, zines, and anime about sad queer teens. She occasionally emerges above ground to pontificate about psychoanalysis, minority representation in Hollywood, and the importance of a good cup of tea. Follow her on tumblr: @mistspinner

Nicole Veneto (nonfiction) is a feminist media studies scholar focusing on psychoanalytic readings of anime/manga, modes of female representation and production, and the cross-cultural manifestations of misogyny within geek and otaku spaces. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and tumblr: @kuntsuragi

S.M. Balding (prose poetry) is an aspiring hermit. They spend their days trying to convince academics to communicate in understandable language and their nights wishing they could eat kanji like chips. Follow them on Twitter: @susanb

TGP (fiction) has been writing angsty fanfiction for over 20 years. He started in DBZ, popped over to Gundam Wing and Harry Potter, and is now entrenched in Marvel and Homestuck, but Evangelion is still a comfy home to go back to. Follow him on Dreamwidth: tgpretender.dreamwidth.org