Alma (remix album) is your average socially awkward/outgoing/depressive/contradictory 2x-year-old dude. He quit college to work full-time, and then quit working full-time to focus on music in 2018. He still misses his ex. Follow him on Instagram: @alma_animo

Bea (or Beane) is a lesbian illustrator who likes women, swords, and women with swords. Follow them on Twitter: @beanefiel

Broci is an illustrator and comic artist from Finland who loves horror and likes dark fantasy and sci-fi. Follow them on Instagram:

ChussKa (Chu) is a student and part time illustrator from Slovenia. Follow her on Instagram: @chusskaart

Cynta (J4LLY) is an international student studying at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In her free time, she draws a lot of silly comics based on her life and deeper comics about her thoughts. Follow her on Twitter : @J4lly_

Elle is a third-year animation major at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She hails from Memphis, Tennessee, and loves to draw. Follow her on tumblr: @studenkas

Emi is a film graduate and freelance illustrator from Mexico. She loves visual art more than anything and storytelling. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @kitsunemi_

Eric McDuck (poster) is just another artist who grew up being inspired by animation. Follow him on Instagram: @mcduck.illustration

Eva is an illustrator from California. She is inspired by animation, craft practices, and the digital landscape. Follow her on Instagram (@evaolsenart) and Twitter (@evumango)

Francesca (mini-print) is a freelance illustrator based in Erie, Pennsylvania. She loves the use of line, type, and bold colors in art. Follow her on Instagram (@francescamagali) and Twitter (@samusafran)

Hazen (zine layout) is a graphic designer. Follow him on Instagram: @centralxdogma

Janel is a game design student in California focusing on illustration and character design. They’re a huge fan of bold colors and dynamic line art, which they strive to incorporate into their work. Follow them on Instagram and Twitter: @surejanel

krad is a commercial designer, comic artist, and creator of IRON CROWN. Usually drawing monster stories with a lil’ teeth. Follow them on Twitter (@kradeelav) or visit

Lewis is an international law student who draws in her spare time. Inspired by Rei Hiroe and Caravaggio alike, dramatic poses, lighting, and cluttering details are her favorite motifs—preferably all in ink. Follow her on Instagram:

Lin is an artist based in Australia with a background in film production. When not drawing, she’s probably tending to her collection of houseplants. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter: @linterstellar_

Max Yeager is a biomedical/anatomical Illustrator with a diverse art style. He is a long-time Evangelion fan and has contributed to two other zines (based on My Hero Academia and Splatoon). Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and tumblr: @Jaegerpilotmax

Megamoth is a comic artist, illustrator, and art instructor. She has been an intense Evangelion enthusiast since 2000 AD. Follow her on Instagram: @mega_moth

Michael Lockey is an animation student in the UK. He does mostly environment design and background painting. Will also consume any and all forms of mechanical design and mech related content. Follow him on Instagram (@michaelvlockey) or Twitter (@mvlart)

Pixmilk is an artist. Follow him on Instagram: @pixkefir

pocketwei is a 19-year-old confused kid who wants to do her very best, save the bees, and eventually become a layout/background artist. She likes beer, girls, and fighting patriarchy (and also orchids and badass mechas). Follow her on Instagram: @pocketwei_

Reshille is a freelance illustrator, digital artist, and student of Animation & Games/ Transmedia who explores celestial and surrealistic worlds in her art pieces. She loves flowers, Disney’s Coco and musicals. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@re_shille) or tumblr (reshille)

Ricco is a 28-year-old Swiss traditional artist. She has been a long time Evangelion fan. Follow her on Instagram: @ricco_o

Rob is a 20-year-old business informatics student and hobby artist from México. Follow her on Instagram: @luxyfi

Sal is a digital and traditional illustrator and 2D animator currently trying to break into comics. Born and raised in San Diego, he’s a big fan of mecha and buff dudes. Follow him on Instagram: @the.chromonaut

Scott Higginbotham is a graphic designer and editorial illustrator from Western Australia. He is currently developing a webcomic called Prime Materia. Follow him on Instagram: @MotherCode

Stephanie is an award-winning animation director and storyboard artist. She has been creating original and fan paper-cut illustrations since animating a stop-motion paper-cut film that played around the world. Follow her on Twitter: @manifestephanie

Tan is just tired uni student who gets very real feelings about fictional characters. Follow her on Instagram: @tnkisu

Tomatobird is a San Francisco-based illustrator and comic artist who loves exploring biblical-historical subjects in fantastical and esoteric ways. She is forever a fanartist. Follow her on Twitter: @Tomato_Bird

Vampire Yuppie is a spooky kid. Follow her on Instagram: @vampireyuppie

Vervain is an elder god who illustrates comics, likes coffee and knows how to kill skeletons. If you’re a skeleton, you’d better watch out. Follow Vervain on Twitter: @VervainVanity